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Baby massage is a tradition which has been practiced for centuries, not only increasing the bond between parents and children, butalso providing positive benefits for infant mental health. It is a wonderful gift to share with your baby that can connect you through non verbal communication.

We specialise in providing group or individual baby massage classes for you and your baby. The BabyBrain Infant Massage classes not only teach you the strokes of an infant massage routine, but also offer a way for you both to relax, communicate with confidence and learn to trust your own parenting instinct. 

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  • Promoting bonding and secure attachment between your child and you
  • Improved sleeping patterns
  • Relief from gastrointestinal disturbance including wind and constipation
  • Increase in relaxation for both infant and parent
  • Promotes connection with your baby through non verbal communication
  • Understanding and interpreting you baby's cues
  • Provides an opportunity for quality one on one time.

Classes are available as part of the IAIM Baby in Mind 5 week first touch program as a group, or on an individual basis.

Classes that are organised as a group by the participants (for example a mothers group) are able to be provided in a location of your choice at the group rate. 

Fathers only groups are available on request. If you would first like to sample what Infant Massage is like try our "Touch and Try" sample class. 

A bottle of 100% organic, cold pressed sunflower oil is provided for all courses.

GIFT VOUCHERS are available on request.

THE FIRST TOUCH COURSE This course is an individual or group course for up to 8 babies. It consists of five sessions, each lasting around 60 minutes. Together you will learn how to do full body massage, as well as special techniques that will help your baby if they suffer from a variety of conditions such as colic, constipation and wind. Time: Five x 60 minute sessions Cost: $150 (group session) or $200 (individual home visits). Both include a gift of 125ml cold pressed 100% organic sunflower massage oil for class and at home use.

TOUCH & TRY This is the initial session of First Touch and demonstrates to parents how baby massage can complement their parenting skills. You will learn the legs and feet techniques while enjoying a selection of topics and discussion Time: 1 hour Cost: $30 as part of a group or $50 for individual home visit.

Katrina is able to attend individual sessions in all areas of the Sydney Metropolitan area. Clinic location coming soon. 

Please contact us on 0421 332 302 or via the form below. 

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